Discovering and using talents and giving people the opportunity to grow

About Talenting Groep

The Talenting Group is a group of companies, participations and activities that aim to create employment, especially in less prosperous areas.

What we do can be characterised as entrepreneurship, investment, setting up income-generating activities and 'business as mission'. In doing this, the profit is used to benefit people in the local context.


We do this according to several effective and simple Biblical principles. And especially by using the talents* given to people by God. Realising that it is the combination of people with mutually reinforcing talents that forms a team that works together towards the defined objectives. Taking responsibility is a given, trust is essential, resulting in the amazement of experiencing that 'what is healthy, grows'.

 We like to share our experiences. Many of our activities are a form of cooperation. It will not be the first time that something beautiful grows out of a good encounter. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to exchange thoughts.

* In grateful remembrance of drs. Dirk van der schaaf (Jane consultants), who in the 1990s gave us much insight into the unique talent combination of people, teams and organisations.


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