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Our activities

'Business as Mission' is a wide concept that deals with business according to biblical principles. At one end of the spectrum, it is about building a healthy business, at the other end it is about doing Christian mission, and everything in between.

 Two examples to illustrate the concept:

  • an agricultural enterprise in a developing country that uses its profits to support poor families and sponsor a pastoral worker;
  • a pastor who runs a copy shop as a source of income and serves a house church in a closed country.

For a clear introduction, see 'BAM in brief' by Gea Gort.


Our focus

This website is a snapshot of the BaM adventure of the Talenting Group. We also must choose what to spend our time and resources on. The most important choices so far are:

  • focus on countries around the Black Sea, especially the former Eastern European Soviet countries, and West Africa;
  • we are aiming for long-term impact by actively setting up or participating in companies that make use of our and others' experience in entrepreneurship;
  • with companies that fit into the local environment, in less developed areas mainly agriculturally oriented, but we also give space to talents in software engineering.

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