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Talenting Software

Talenting Software provides remote software engineering teams from Brasov in Romania to Dutch product-software companies. 

More than 25 years of software development experience and 18 years of nearshoring experience help to compensate for the shortage of workers in the west. It's also very profitable for Eastern Europe. We offer high-level employment and prevent (part of) the brain drain through good education, salary and challenging work.

From the Netherlands, our clients are supported by a team from Bodegraven and Veenendaal.


Training and Education

Talenting Software invests in training and continuous education of our employees. This starts with an excellent relationship with the university. The 'Talentinnovators programme' consists of Summerschool, Internships, Courses and (part-time) jobs. Our employees learn to work according to the 'lean software development principles', the basis of many modern agile working methods.

We only achieve real results when we invest in each other for the long term. Then the core values of Talenting Software will really come into their own: Passion, Creativity, Teamwork and Result.

In Brasov, over 50 software engineers work on innovative software products, a number that is expected to grow to 100-150 in the coming years.

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