Discovering and using talents and giving people the opportunity to grow

Talenting Foundation

Talenting Foundation (TF) supports socially and financially vulnerable groups in poor regions in the areas of resilience, welfare and prosperity. The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by financing and supporting projects with the contribution of expertise and entrepreneurship. 
TF's point of reference is the words from Matthew's Gospel, chapter 25, about the talents and the last judgement. Improvement of prosperity should go hand in hand with attention to welfare by means of (mental and spiritual) health care and education, through which the target group can come into contact with the joyful and redeeming message from the Gospel, which gives people hope and perspective for now and for the eternal future.


TF acts as the shell around the companies and activities within the Talenting Group. Simply stated, TF supports with 'donation money' and the Talenting Group mainly works on the basis of 'investment money'.

The assessment criteria for projects can be found on the website: Values, Community, Impact, Network, Excellence and Innovation ( It will not surprise you that these are significant for the entire Talenting Group.

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