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Talenting Agricultura in The Netherlands

Between Bennekom and Ede along the A12 motorway, the Talenting Group has planted two connecting plots of over 4 ha in total with walnut trees. The plots were first made suitable by levelling, deep ploughing and fertilising. Both sprinkler pipes and drainage pipes were installed. The 349 trees have been advised and delivered by De Nootsaeck Adviesgroep, the main species are Juglans regia Plovdiski and Coenen (large plot) and Juglans regia Broadview and Coenen (small plot). 


We hope and expect that from 2025 onwards, the trees will provide a beautiful and growing crop of delicious and healthy walnuts. In the meantime, the plots are well cared for by the Edwin and Helga Sloof family from Bennekom.

This agricultural development fits perfectly into our vision of sustainable agriculture. Walnuts are very healthy, contain a lot of protein, and the orchard reduces our CO2 footprint. It is also nice to see that there is an exchange of knowledge and experience between the teams in the Netherlands and Romania.

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