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Talenting Agricultura in Romania

Talenting Agriculture was founded in 2018 at the combined initiative of Talenting Group and Bethany Association.

By founding Talenting Agricultura, it was aimed at getting involved in a project to help the local business environment through investments in the agricultural field and at the same time creating a stable future source of funding for the social projects of the Bethany Association, a humanitarian association that has been active in the social field for over 25 years.


Walnut processing

In 2019, a hall with terrain and a house was purchased near the city Bacau in the North-West part of Romania. The hall was completed in more than a year and furnished as a production hall for processing walnuts. This includes storage of raw walnuts, washing, drying, cracking, sorting, packing, storage and shipping. Meanwhile, good experience has been gained in buying, processing and selling of walnuts, and at the same time the necessary certificates of the "Inspection Department of Goods" have been obtained. A great achievement of the managementteam of Bethany.

Walnut orchards

In parallel, we have acquired two pieces of land for the planting of orchards. Both orchards are located in the area of Traian commune in Bacau County, summing up a total area of 6 ha. We want the fruit of these orchards to be offered to consumers who appreciate and want healthy fruits with quality core. For this we chose Romanian but also French varieties famous for large caliber nuts and superior organoleptic qualities. All the trees are of the CAC biological category (conformitas agrarian communitatis) having quality and conformity documents.

The orchards are located on hills in the Hertioana area Traian commune. They are equipped with an automated irrigation and fertilization system.

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