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Busy Bees

Our story is based on a sincere love for people and bees! I am Iulian and my journey in beekeeping started 7 years ago, being inspired by my friend, who started beekeeping only a few years earlier. Initially we bought two bee families to provide our family with the need for "healthy sweet", but because we are a large and beautiful family we decided to increase the potential of the apiary as much as I will succeed in the coming years.

Over time, the idea grew and inspired people who created Busy Bees Company ltd, a company that makes a profit to build a better society. Most of the profit will be invested in social projects, here in Moldova for Youth for Christ Moldova!

The purpose of our company is to make profit and to be a sustainable business. To achieve this goal we are focused on the following objectives:

  • Production of  honey and honey products (pollen, propolis, royal jelly, etc.).
  • Retail sales of honey an honey products here in Moldova.
  • Wholesales of honey worldwide – we plan for future years to reach EU market and other directions.
  • Training other beekeepers – we plan to grow our business, and for this we need well prepared beekeepers in the company.

The impact of this project is multiple and we can talk about these:

  • Ensuring the local and international market with quality honey products
  • Protecting the ecosystem by pollinating bees in the local area
  • Improved working conditions
  • Increased prosperity
  • Gospel proclamation
  • Support for youth for Christ

In 2021 we produced around 7000 kg of honey from 250 bee families. By 2023, we will increase the apiary to 500 bee families and produce 15,000 kg of honey, optimizing the way we work so that a limited number of people take care of the maximum number of bee families.

Talenting Group is involved as an investor, Stichting Kom Over En Help is a facilitator of this so-called IGA (income-generating activity).

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